stop REBNY bullies!

Construction Workers, Public Interests Groups,
Small Businesses & Tenant Unions

Campaign Goals

(1) Construction unions, in order to assure fair and safe workplaces, want state registered apprenticeship and training for all workers (support City Council bill Intro 1447), a department of labor that enforces all safety regulations, and sanctions against developers and contractors that will serve as a real deterrent to stop violating safety rules and wage laws.

90% to 100% of construction workers in NYC, the nation's largest building market, and NY State working under union contracts

(2) Tenants, their unions and homeless people want quality affordable housing and strong sanctions against slumlords.

(3) Small businesses, and groups like the Small Business Congress and Take Back NYC want passage of the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (SBJSA).

(4) Public interest groups like Common Cause want REBNY money out of politics because it is corrupting our political system and undermines democracy.

Useful Information for Tenants

Is your building rent-stabilized? You should find out.