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About the Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies

The Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies' mission is to build a movement comprised of thousands of volunteers throughout New York City and New York State to end REBNY's domination over politics and to assure fairness and justice for neighborhoods, construction workers, tenants and small businesses.

REBNY and its top policy makers have beaten up on construction unions, apartment dwellers and small businesses for far too long and their greed and arrogance are only growing. They have corrupted our political system and run roughshod over once vibrant neighborhoods.

Maintaining strong unions in the construction industry can mean the difference between serious injury, life and death for thousands of construction workers and the guarantee of fair compensation. Strict enforcement of rent protection safeguards and the expansion of quality affordable housing are critical to rectifying the homeless crisis and stabilizing neighborhoods. For small businesses to survive, they must be protected from price gouging and property speculators.

The Campaign will work to counter REBNY's destructive political dominance and to protect residential tenants, small businesses and construction workers from REBNY's insatiable greed, civic irresponsibility and lack of compassion.

About Ray Rogers
Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies
Corporate Campaign, Inc.

Ray Rogers is co-founder and director of New York City based Corporate Campaign Inc. (CCI) , which has championed labor, human rights and environmental causes since 1981. He works with a network of top professionals committed to justice and making the world a better place.

Although Rogers, his strategies and his campaigns have received widespread media attention over the years, he emphasizes that every struggle against anti-social forces and unbridled greed to be successful, must be movements of "we's" and not "I's." His campaigns are recognized for their involvement of large numbers of victims and the unleashing of the collective knowledge, skills, imaginations, resources and energies of hordes of volunteers and support from other organizations, all serving as building blocks to win social and economic justice against powerful adversaries.!

From 1976 to 1980, while on the staff of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers, he devised and led the union's pioneering Corporate Campaign against the notoriously anti-union southern textile manufacturer J.P. Stevens & Co. on which the Academy Award winning film "Norma Rae" was based. The campaign led to the resignations of the chief executive officers of J.P. Stevens, Avon Products and New York Life Insurance Co. from the boards of Manufacturers Hanover Trust, New York Life and J.P. Stevens. The Wall Street Journal headline (10/21/80) read, "Rogers' Unorthodox Tactics Prevail in Stevens Organizing Fight. He defines a Corporate Campaign as a "mechanism to confront power with power.""

The Boston Herald described Rogers as labor's most innovative strategist and "one of the most successful union organizers since the CIO sit-down strikes of the 1930s."

Time magazine said Rogers has "brought some of the most powerful corporations to their knees, and his ideas are spreading." In 1995, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Republican Congressman Peter Hoekstra of Michigan and other big business interests launched an unsuccessful effort to outlaw "corporate campaigns," the term Rogers coined to describe strategies and tactics that help achieve victories for labor and other victims of abusive corporations and government agencies. For years, Rogers has refused offers to work for and efforts to co-opt him by some of America's largest corporations.

Business Week described Rogers as a "legendary union activist" in a feature story, "'Killer Coke' or Innocent Abroad?" which described his campaign against The Coca-Cola Company over complicity in human rights abuses including kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders in Columbia and Guatemala. In its story (1/17/18), "Billionaire Bullies" a leading real estate magazine, the Commercial Observer says "legendary union organizer Ray Rogers is taking his latest fight to the Real Estate Board of New York."

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