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To tenant, community and small business organizations, labor unions, public interest and political groups:

Request for Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies endorsement (see endorsement statement and photos of political candidates rebuking REBNY below).

The Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies is a project directed by Corporate Campaign. (

To better understand the Campaign's issues and goals and what the Campaign entails, please visit . Be sure to watch our 5-minute animated film exposing REBNY entitled "BULLIES" and read our initial 4-page handout, "Beware of REBNY Real Estate Bullies Plaguing New York."

We are seeking endorsements and meetings with representatives of groups fighting against the cataclysmic social and economic injustices perpetrated against New Yorkers resulting from the abusive policies and actions led by racketeers and bullies running the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY).

Please fill out and email or send your endorsement back to us, or call us with questions or to arrange a meeting to discuss the Campaign. Your endorsement can always be rescinded in the future if you choose.

This is a huge undertaking which can only succeed with the involvement of organizations and activists that believe New York City and State will be more humane and fair without the political and real estate dominance of REBNY and the billionaire racketeers and bullies who run it!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ray Rogers
Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies
PO Box 1002 Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276-1002

Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies Endorsement

(Name of organization) __________________________ endorses the Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies whose goal is to put justice in business by putting REBNY (Real Estate Board of New York) out of business by diminishing its political clout and making this cartel, as we know it today, a thing of the past.

The Campaign coincides with REBNY and its top policymakers orchestrating citywide rezoning schemes that result in an abusive hyper-gentrification process and massive dislocation. The Campaign also coincides with REBNY's aggressive efforts to undermine fair and safe working conditions for building and construction trades workers in New York City and throughout New York State.

REBNY and its top policymakers through their political influence, policies and actions are the leading cause behind the worsening homeless crisis and lack of affordable housing, the shutting down of small businesses and warehousing of storefronts and office spaces, the destruction of neighborhoods and communities, diminishing labor union representation in construction, the alarming number of construction worker deaths and the undermining of democracy by compromising and corrupting our political system.

At the state level, REBNY has stymied progressive aspirations through its longtime generous support of conservative politicians who support REBNY's agenda and subvert efforts towards single-payer health care, stronger labor laws, rent stabilization and other progressive concerns.

The campaign sees as natural allies tenant organizations, small business groups, labor unions, public interest groups and everyone concerned about how REBNY and the billionaire racketeers and bullies leading REBNY are raking in billions of dollars in tax giveaways while uprooting our neighborhoods and communities.

Name of Authorized Representative of Organization Endorsing Campaign:


Director Ray Rogers highlighting REBNY's destructive zoning practices outlined in the book ZONED OUT!

The following courageous candidates for New York City Mayor, Public Advocate and City Council have officially rebuked the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY)!

Mayoral Candidates: (Party)

Sal Albanese (D)

Richard Bashner (D)

Bob Ganji (D)

Public Advocate Candidates: (Party)

David Eisenbach (D)

City Council Candidates: (Party) (District)

Vanessa Aronson (D) (4)

Jabari Brisport (G) (35)

Maria Castro (D) (4)

Ronnie Cho (D) (2)

Aaron Foldenauer (D) (1)

Elvin Garcia (D) (18)

Cary Goodman (D) (6)

Marni Halasa (Eco-Justice Party) (3)

Rachel Lyn Honig (D) (4)

Carmen Hulbert (G) (38)

Dashia Imperiale (D) (1)

Tamika Mapp (D) (8)

Christopher Marte (D) (1)

Carlina Rivera (D) (2)

Jasmin Sanchez (D) (2)

Mary Silver (D) (2)

Frank Spotorno (R) (5)

Jorge Vasquez (D) (2)

Mel Wymore (D) (6)

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